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  • Accurate and timely transcripts by qualified stenographers
  • We answer our phone 15 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Competitive and transparent price – no surprise
  • Certified legal videographers
  • Free video calling to see your witness without leaving
  • Complimentary deposition room, video link

     All of our court reporters graduated from Stenographic court reporting schools which require two years of intensive training to write at least 225 words per minute with minimum 95% accuracy as well as English, legal, medical and other technical terminologies, and professional code.  Their graduation standard is so high that only 25% of the students can graduate.

     In addition, our stenographers passed difficult certification tests of National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) to obtain RPR or above credentials.  Their accuracy is well above 95%.  They need to take continuing education units to maintain their credentials.  Our stenographers have at least 20 years under their belt.


     The benefit of Real Time Caption service is unlimited.  Not only for the hearing-impaired.  You can “listen to” meetings, live stream, broadcast, webinar, etc. where/when you need to be quiet.  Only top notch court reporters can type accurately that fast.   


Utilizing audio file transcribers suits customers who need audio recording transcribed after the recording was taken or customers with limited budget. While the quality and the peace of mind of using a live court reporter cannot be matched and their higher price is well justified, we would like to offer solutions to customers who cannot use live court reporters.

Accurate transcripts produced by U.S.citizens within the U.S.A.

We believe there are a lot of benefits by keeping your audio files and transcripts in the nation:
(1) More accurate transcripts. 
(2) More securities for sensitive files, 
(3) Keep jobs in the United States.

Competitive price to off-shore transcribers

We took advantage of our 40+ year experience as a transcription firm to assemble professional and experienced audio transcribers who can offer very competitive prices. Some are retired stenographers. All of them have passed our tests.

Simple and Clear Pricing – Pay by audio minute

As opposed to pricing by per page, you will know how much you are paying before we start working.
We offer different price per audio minute depending on delivery timeframe, number of speakers, clarity of the audio. type of files (wav or MP3 preferred), etc. Our office staff will examine your audio files before sending the job to audio transcriber so that you will not be hit by surprise surcharge.

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